Legion Raiding Begins Wednesday, Sept. 28

Raiding Begins Wednesday, Sept. 28

Please arrange to be available for raiding on Wednesday nights starting 9/28. We’ve consolidated from two raid nights to one to make raiding a little less intrusive on personal lives… so please negotiate now with spouses, partners and bosses to have Wednesday nights free for raiding.

See the latest raid roster here.

Haven’t committed yet? Ready to? Email Ash through our contact form.

Reunion Raid Night is Wednesday, August 24th

Reunion Raid Night

Please plan on a little reunion raid on the night of Wednesday, August 24… just a few days before Legion comes out. We’ll likely go back to HFC one last time to test out our new abilities, have some fun, and potentially identify any holes that need filling in our roster.

We will raid 6 – 10 PST/ 9 – 1 EST — the same raid time we will have during Legion — and while it’s a slightly longer raid, it is just ONE night per week 🙂

If you cannot make this raid, please let Ash know ASAP. 

Legion Raid Team Taking Form

We have a team! And we have selected a raid night…. we didn’t have a unanimous vote on any one night, but two were close.

We will raiding WEDNESDAY nights 6-10p PST / 9p-1a EST.

The alternative was Monday, but being so late in the raid week means we would likely have raiders with loot lockouts and our OpenRaid selection would have been less desirable. Zheng/Ben, I am hoping you can make Wednesdays work – we love having you with us!


Every raider should have a viable offspec. I will be a viable boomkin (god help us) in case we need to drop a healer and all of our tanks will have viable dps offspecs. If your chosen class has a tank or healer offspec, please plan on having that offspec available for the raid. If you are a pure dps class, pick your two favorite specs and be prepared to swap based on the encounter.

But Ash, what about artifact weapons?

We will be starting on normal for two reasons, aside from the fact that we will all be a little rusty: 1) it gives us a chance to learn the fights before hitting the harder content; and 2) it will give us more raid boss kills to power up our artifact weapons. The idea here (based on alpha/beta) is that your artifact weapon for your main spec should be fully powered at some point during our normal raid progression. We can then swap people around (like Taezer to healing and me to dps) so that we can power up our offspec artifact weapons. Note that Blizz will have a built-in way to level your offspec weapon faster, so this may be achievable for some outside of raiding.

A Few Fun Facts About Legion


1. All zones and dungeon content scales to your level… you can quest anywhere you want and do (normal) dungeons at whatever level you want.

2. Multi-tapping. Now up to 5 players can “tap” a target and receive credit for the kill. In WoD, they did a good job with this w/ named mobs and rares. Now, it applies to all mobs.

3. They are making it much easier to swap specs using your best gear! Rings, cloaks, neck pieces no longer have primary stats on them. Just stamina and secondary stats.

Hope life is treating you well — and that this Warcraft movie beats my very low expectations!