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Legion Raiding Begins Wednesday, Sept. 28

Raiding Begins Wednesday, Sept. 28 Please arrange to be available for raiding on Wednesday nights starting 9/28. We’ve consolidated from two raid nights to one to make raiding a little less intrusive on personal lives… so please negotiate now with spouses, partners and bosses to have Wednesday nights free for raiding. See the latest raid […]

Reunion Raid Night is Wednesday, August 24th

Reunion Raid Night Please plan on a little reunion raid on the night of Wednesday, August 24… just a few days before Legion comes out. We’ll likely go back to HFC one last time to test out our new abilities, have some fun, and potentially identify any holes that need filling in our roster. We […]

Legion Raid Team Taking Form

We have a team! And we have selected a raid night…. we didn’t have a unanimous vote on any one night, but two were close. We will raiding WEDNESDAY nights 6-10p PST / 9p-1a EST. The alternative was Monday, but being so late in the raid week means we would likely have raiders with loot […]